Saturday, June 26, 2021

For seeking, ye shall find, as the saying goes.

 Treasure hunting bum: the persona, faces a rough and isolated trask, for pigeon-pecking hunting bits about the sidewalk, nooks, and gutters.

Trask - Urban Dictionary › define › term=Trask When someone thinks they are the main character of their life. Usually comes with a side of individuality complex, quirky style and a self centered point of view. "I ...
Even so, being pigeon-made, in characterization, it is how they find food. Discovering food so plentiful, of a natural form that is tasty for modern day humans to eat would seem significantly luxuriant, if we lived in comparably prehistoric and primitive times. Back in the establishment of the thinking and conscious-minded upright man, from ape, hunting and gathering was the standard means of procurement and survival, as well as a formative basis for life, itself. Men who achieved well on this task inevitably produced intelligent progeny, throughout the course of evolution, and in this day and time, of the Information Age,, we now control Design, itself, through calculated intentions put through to carrying out actions and records of things. Some people forget, or fail to care for this more primitive task of hunting for things, yet we encounter notions of unabandoned hunting grounds, when we search through our digital means of coming to understand information, such as in logs. Anyone who’s scrolled through datalogues and cache files within the Linux and Unix operating system types has possibly, as well, come to appreciate the anomalous bits of discernible cryptography that lends us our rational senses some corroboration, it would seem, whereas this sort of behavior is usually tied in with discovering the solution to some sort of common or uncommon dilemma, of informatics. Scrumming through data logs is mostly unfruitful, yet the search itself is compelling, for that the economics of scarcity in valuation is rewardable, of a knowledge basis, in reciprocity. The underlying structures and calculations create troves of similarity, happenstance, and former existence, within them. In effect, it is a novelty of vastly common lacking fruitfulness, yet it is the validation of that returning to something familiar, whereas we choose to look, even though we cannot understand things about it, and for that we stop caring, once we discover something decipherable, even if only scarcely, in and of itself, whereas forgetfulness is the commodity that supports the appreciation of scarcity, which, in and of itself, is the basis of economics, in it’s most formative basis, as a field of study. 

I forgot what I was originally writing about, but the searching for the latest thing I was thinking about showing people, for the basis of what I found, while pigeon-pecking around, for a treasure-hunting bum’s lifestyle, ends up being the thing I was originally writing about, and it has some flare and flash. Maybe it’s a real diamond. 

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