Sunday, January 31, 2021

Detracting from distractions for mental health in nuclear magnetic resonance.

Clean up the messes of our nuclear age, in acknowledging merit.

 Aesthetics are an important facet of our global culture, dating back to ancient empires in our Western culture. Tending to communities takes work of a rigorous discipline, in nature. It is caring for our nature-based ecology. Within our lifetimes, around the turn of the millennium (here, 2021 A.D., there is war being fought over pain and abuses, for the sake of pursuing pleasures which could otherwise be wrought out of simple intelligent, considerate, and measured paces in conversation. 

Please help keep the community clean and safe from unnecessary distractions by cleaning up, in small and humble ways. Disorders are established and enabled through deliberate and shortsighted whims, and thoughtless intentions wrought out of self-serving weakness.

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