Sunday, September 20, 2020

As coronavirus brings the pandemic socioeconomic ecology to light, the Employment Development Department provides satiety.

 I can stop sideways-glancing and curious treasure-hunting pigeon-seeking for novel discarded valuables, such as an iPad Pro, which had been stolen from me, from up under my backpack-as-headrest, upon finding a resting place for a much needed escape from perceived stalkers of my person and belongings. These sorts are both criminal and sexually depraved, as they come out, engage, and victimize under the fall of night and early morning. The pandemic’s shelter in place ordinances are vital reminders to us of the dangers inherent in casual passing encounters as to acknowledge that some individuals are in need of services, whereas they target the common civilian for their needed or coveted materials wants and gains. 

Friday, September 18, 2020

A look at a compelling slight act of nature in the age of climate change: a photographic allegory.

As I’ve been collecting raw materials and chemicals for research and discovery projects (here, I’m working on an offshoot development project involving a natural products hair pomade), I’ve come across a micro-environment climate change visual allegory. I find the heating and cooling effect that occurred here, in this container of pure Shea butter, to be beautiful and mysterious.