Friday, August 7, 2020

While Waiting for Apple Silicon, some macOS App Store Bwitsies Apps to Appease Eager iPadOS User Interface Aficionados.

Not that I really need to, off hand, but I seemed to be of the casual belief that the Screen Recording feature, which was pretty cool and (I feel) more effective, in a way, for the increased hand-eye coordination and unseen action, off-screen, of that which the mouse pointer and menus would portray, on a laptop or desktop Mac computer, for example - was (momentarily, though) non-existent. 

It's somewhat a behind-the-scenes dirty work job, imaginably, for some developers, for example, to be the localized and distributed app creator (imaginably). That's how it gets portrayed, in my mind; that is. They go up out to Cupertino, ragin' on fwapp, ready to rumble, for the fact that they get nowhere in their App Review submissions, or something like that. Maybe it's just some off-camera excitement and hurrahs that I get in my discrete channeling. Who knows? This is the App Store, after all. It's somewhat the Holy Grail of many aspiring developers' efforts, after much time, dedication, and hopes towards seeding out in to the big software ocean. It's like making it to the big screen, for an actor, or for the crew and production teams, and post-editors, etc., in the film business.

Here, in this case, I found a floating small-UI footprint app that takes care of screenshots, with annotations and markup, screen recording, GIF creation, and it does webcam recording - all saved in the cloud. I haven't checked the features out, just yet, of this app, and I have been running in to some brick wall (simply) portrayably, an App Store app [that works... <_<.../`* yet it doesn't - not much of an issue; [this is a beta-chugging MacBook Air 2020 i3 Intel Ice Lake CPU-made computer, running macOS 11 beta, which is geared towards creating (conceivably), a more universal iPadOS | macOS hybrid, which developers had been alluding to, in Mac Catalyst and in SideCar, in recent development offerings and in macOS features of recent releases of the native operating system features, in and of themselves].

I suppose I'll update this article with other similar iPadOS | macOS crossfade small and ad hoc apps, that bend the common expectation of handheld tablet development versus laptop and desktop standard features.

Here's CloudApp. It's hosted as a web app, as well (whatever that means...?) - and I've included the native System Preferences menu feature of the « original » macOS Screen Recording, which is found within the Security and Privacy tab.

uggh... of on fwopp-mode no 

of how it's different, now... How it's 6 a.m. and I hadn't slept, yet, and the fwopp-mode splotch of a standard day's bwitsy shitsicle's tidbits, "just because: it's important:" has worked it's way into a burnt out fart mode, instead, but the pressures inside had built up in to a near-embolism, up past my jowls n' stuff... but it is my jowls, a bit, also...

Nah... somehow, whatever... 



Okay, but I finally got around to actually testing out how this app works on the new macOS 11 beta, and it turns out that it's pretty slick in how it gets itself about and good-in-going. For one thing, it does work, and it plays out a bit cool in how the permissions panel pops up, and then the System Preferences Security and Privacy permission thing gets scripted in, and pops up - pretty clean. All that's left is to accept permission for the app, which I already said earlier, and, inferentially; I'm perhaps just not good for it, myself, ... since it was about that, to begin with; somehow... or something. <_<.../`*

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