Sunday, August 16, 2020

I rinsed off, after a few days out, or so, and a kind man had his leftover pizza sent to me, after I ate out of the trash. All of a sudden, a micro-squirrel shows up on my thigh. (photoblog).

 People who get hung out to dry on my stories that develop of my days, recently, might have witnessed the unexpectedly pop magic squirrel, out of nowhere, showing up for a mischievous and novel buddy moment, to much appreciation. 

Here, as I rinsed off, and prepare for becoming tired, and perhaps that I could procure a place to rest well for the night, while being called out, for appearances sake, I suppose that tonight is the night to not fail and fall short of people's expectations of perhaps that some of the revelers of the evening would witness the squirrel toy thing that I employ as part of my public relations model. 

Here's the latest squirrel allegory; in this case, a significantly floret micro-squirrel, seated on my thigh, for a reminder of on squirrel showing up thing.

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