Tuesday, August 4, 2020

How to make your new 2020 Apple MacBook | Air | Pro / iMac, etc. scrum bwitsies. (Accessibility | UI).

People who have been fans of transliterative bwitsies blogging would be fast aficionados of macOS' latest capabilities with Spoken Content Accessibility features, in System Preferences. Just take a quick look at my screenshot here.

You would see (if the back screen wasn't blocked out, a bit), that the process that mans (daemon>s) the Accessibility Speaking Voices is « softwareupdated »... " " : (for emphasis; it's a daemon service worker of the operating system, imaginably - ... Big D, that is). Inferring from this, quite obviously, the developers considered the facet of being capable of hearing back details of information in spoken form an updated version of the software. 

Here, with various check box options, and User Interface modifications, the screen itself comes alive, with some scrumming about of the Magic Trackpad: on focused items, on selected items, on hovered items, and more. There's a jog controller a la former iOS | iPadOS Accessibility features, here in macOS 11 Big Sur beta, and off-hand, I'm not quite sure if these particular combinations of Accessibility features had been included in earlier 10.15 / 10.16 versions of macOS. (It's been a while since I've been a Mac expert, of some reputable sort of claim). 

Try it out! The operating system interface really seems to zoom, with the multiple streams of simultaneous spoken content being iterated as you move about, select, hover, think, choose, etc., around the screen, as you decide what to do. 

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