Thursday, July 30, 2020

I suppose that this particular bottle top is familiar, to those who could recognize it.

Here's my current formation of pin-pricks, on the bottle top: fashioned in the likeness of the weight-hoisting hydraulic crane. It makes for a very efficacious healing throat spray, for cellular regeneration, as well as a bathwater spray, such that it would imbue the water, perhaps, with a harmonically-attuned weighted distribution of the contents of the bottle, in their final journey, in to interacting with the body's painful and harmful resonances and toxicity.
The End of July Bottle Top.

A new bottle, for the beginning of August. A weighted square and cross | hairs, in the style of the Android device pattern swipe unlock. I have my poke-holes weighted, somewhat, of an estimation of how the natural gesture of my finger or thumb swipe would be, in weighing down upon the screen, as portrayed in the depth and aperture of the poke-holes. This one is a powerful rain of mineral liquids.

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