Saturday, June 20, 2020

Trying to establish on Avisare, in to a development contract basis of community service, insight, and impact.

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Development Proposal / 12:00 a.m. 06|20|2020 / COVID-19 


Wendy Writer, Ronny Reader, Abby Author


Services proposed: 

  • Weed out depravities in the higher education and professional establishments in the nearby areas. 

    • Clean up the "Trail of Camp Alleys," establish quick-track program - higher education, jobs with local establishments

      • Distribute designed proposals via … [think on it, and develop]

I need:

  • Just someone; to validate something about whatever, as I visit places for stuff. We both wear … maybe various things, see what works with people's take on professionalism. But I feel like people would shrug me off, as a singular guy basis, and a girl going out and doing it on her own… I don't know anyone like that who could do it on her own. 

  • Clothes… hmmm. On one hand, stores aren't open. I suppose I just need to look okay enough. 

  • Printed material. Advertisement of the charitable purpose, and of the organizational benefit proposal, establish some polling of the community and get photo or signature corroboration of originality in client engagement. 

New Business

  1. Homies are out on the streets, drinking, moving in to housing establishments, trying to blend in, as their various forms that they are, yet insightful and impactive mental health interventionists are unaffiliated with me, that I know of, of having no ethical violations that stand out. Notes: craigslist is a somewhat unknown (since…) sort of development that happened, largely of my ignorance, and follow-up, in the meantime, ad to what had been going on, from then until now. Marketing efforts have shown to not produce follow through of more than one, two replies. 

  • I can establish … something, in regards to accreditation of viable useful people or things, or something.  I just suppose that these are the people of the moment who are out,requiring services, gettíng placed, and are avoidant of authority figures, and largely on their last legs. Features: storage units stuff, bathroom discipline neglect,  peer aggression and violence, unknown subversive identities that have no face-to-face authority interventionist disciplinarian establishment, with my established beliefs, based on my house mates (the male) as the poor show, in example. 

  • Maybe… there becomes an interlocutor | insider, of communicative rapport, of some form of established authority, whereas people of the centric demographic of West Los Angeles somehow being casually inferred as an aside - relevance basis of demographic, somehow at risk here. The millennial, the higher educated sort, of personal relevance types, homosexuals who could be placed in occupations for their otherwise sociable and we'll enough selves.

  • Establish a night and overnight outreach worker basis initiative in a more engaging and meaningful DMH client engagement profile interview, to sort out waste and inefficiencies in streamlining housing-suitable people, given organic observations. , Daily audit of workers' Google Maps positioning history and timing placement of how long they sit somewhere, and why, and what had become established of observation of the homeless community.

  • What could be established out of perhaps two weeks of casual overnighting in various locales where people are abandoning Santa Monica or DTLA, for example, via Metro… ? Maybe? Something like that. Maybe irrelevant. There is, though, the Trail of Camp Alley ones, who are assorted loose ones, possibly there in the Alleys for sleeping. . 

  1. Establish a contact within the California LifeLine Program, to dig out insider affiliate consumer discrimination acts of depravity. 

    • Establish a fund for a measured number of people to receive phones from SafeLink, with a lean workforce dynamic crew of WME people who can quickly intervene in oppositional "sorts" who have strange stories about wanting to do the Economic Impacts Payment IRS tax return thing. [Perhaps someone else can intervene or help better than I can]. 

  2. tSuspendisse scelerisque mi a mi

12:54 a.m. | STOP here for now. 

Next Meeting Agenda:

Nothing, off hand. People keep messing around, so I'm doing the shitless36. 

At some point, I get back to work, which not or it is, sort of thing. I'm just staying out. People show up on my pages, or something like that. I have to figure out the lean establishment menial basis of costs and wonder what people do on their work time in some similarly-aged professional groups, that other agencies are more visible in (in public, for example). 

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