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He told me something of homelessness,

I simply couldn't relate to it, much, for my lack of worldliness. Yet it happened to me, undeniably.

Essentially, though, it was introduced to me, of various forms, some of them which had entailed in acts of cruelty.
Establishing a basis of neglect in nurturing affect of character is what I'd say could be construed of as cruel, unto others, whereas establishing that fetishistic assertions of that which breaches the common fare of humankind, whether it be between those who are most similar to our innate and inborn selves, as of dualistic, much as it's limits, or that it couod, elsewise, be our dynamic other, in terms of gender, for example, and still not have the sustainable things of simple avoidance, in practicing restraint of ourselves, whereas a lack of restraint is as common as perceptual bias, and cares, as towards, of as much, or of not, that of which we offer to ourselves, or afford, as towards others. This would assume, since I'd written it out, as it came to me, of that time spent affording things would suppose, easily, of that monetary worth is at stake, for what transpires between people, for all things said and done, in this stub article.

Misfortunate, versus unfortunate

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For example,

this [title] notion came up, the other day, and I'd suppose it to be commonly confusing of standard topic to bring up, of a basis in conversation digression, if need be.

scrum bwitsies [project] Wiki

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Welcome ## to the Project and Repository Wiki!

A scrum bwitsies æsthetic of design, I'd say.
Learn about the process of establishing a scrum bwitsies self-repair mode of a development project management ecology established of on: [over-]seeking efficiency. It can ride with the tide, and provide: of civic service.

See how "it" became you? (perhaps?)

you've gotta fix it:

to establish a truly ethical and sustainable model of enterprise that we all can live and die by - hopefully of the consequence of that we'd rather not do without it, yet (such as, in grammar) we acknowledge that we'd broken the rules previously, in life, and that we aim to end our erring and sinful ways; of laying waste upon the planet.

Alternately, this repository stands as a mature: [mid | early senior content-publishing professional's] well-overseen pet project of what's laid out, in this informative, largely linearly-based step-by-step hyperlinks series of pages and content that had established good rapport amongst a critical theory audience of a popular and diverse set of subsets, within their spaces in life, for that they had vested interest, or otherwise; at stake, for me to produce, over the course of what had begun as a day and a night's work of documenting the project - not as confabulation and foresight, but of well-rooted personal attainments of the development and production cycle in project oversight and day-to-day administrative tasking, of which, towards a steady and sustainable model could be wrought, for the establishment of a good-enough hypertext read-through, for example's sake [perhaps].
Thanks for landing here!

Sometimes, I'd say, ... umm, for example...? and then, even then, it was, a bit, not quite my self.

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I wasn't brought up quite like I'm sometimes construed, of myself, via the assertions of others.

That being said, I do things fairly standard, straight, and conformist. I had said this, already.

If it had already been done, well enough, by myself, and something ...
Well, okay. It was a "thing" that did it; perhaps not quite that I'd care for, as that a human has rights, in the global ecology, for example.
I did, ... I do, as well - have to acknowledge that if I did it, I definitely did do it, and for as much as such and such, or « whatever », but if I had decided otherwise, perhaps a scrum bwitsy bitsy shitsicle, of on shitburger, of par faire, of tastefulness, for that messing up, and coming out, of on shitburger would be fairly well: a faux pas.

That being said,

commonly enough, I see people, in this day and age, fairly much simply determining, of themselves, and for others, as well, of that they'd "play" games of such that children don't know any better, and perhaps they'd been abused at that poor age, of not knowing right from wrong, good versus evil, and restraint, over boundaries. « Still » asserting a mind of that evil things would be decided upon, instead of a much more compelling identity of much better things than not doing something, to begin with - which we all have to do, of sleep, for example - many times, it's substance abuse that's at issue, yet some people would claim that it behooves them, or | and some people just wouldn't quite construe, good or bad - just simply quite if proper usage was not such a happenstance Freudian Slip, for example. Hmm...

Tending to numerologies, of that we exist within a compelling year, of this one, and for some, more than others.

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2020 is a compelling number, of the Gregorian calendar form, of that many dates, out of the year, are systematically meaningful. That being said, I tend to establish precedents, of developing and of bootstrapping along timelines falling upon 11, which, for us, in America, has great effects of symbolic and semiotic meaning, of which I don't quite know much, of others, to speak on, more than a bit, in acknowledging that the mind attends to the rational and to regularity, as well as æsthetics, in simplistic form, although we do live in a time, of having established upon millennia, already, of our largely Western establishment understanding of the world; yet of history, largely based within the course of just two millennia, or so.

Timely documentation

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When I had first set out to establish, with a mindset of that I'd also eventually do best to imbue others with the spirit of the kitschy enterprise's demands upon purpose;

  • For example, many people's purpose is self-serving and uncompelling, uninteresting, unempathetic.

##At minimum, of at least, when we're at our bottom dollar, so to speak, and by and large.
  • On one hand, to entrust someone with what's as compelling to you, or for me to establish that much, for another person - I've received that facet of aspiration as difficult to pull off, in how things play out, as a homeless person.
##Whereas many people will greet someone, out in the wild, yet some people do not greet others.
###Some people would rather attend to the device, in and of itself, as valuable, whereas to establish someone at a disadvantage, or vulnerability, out in society - we find that petty theft is common.
##Here in a (hopefully) post-pandemic world outlook:
###we have many artifacts of what constitutes appropriate, amidst many signals of that « otherwise » and to that note, of establishment, we'd been set on course of an uneasy medium of the fabric of society, having been torn by countless artifacts of news feed relay.
##What is certain about these things, though, is that these were times of significant reach in to our personal and private spaces.
###Many people banded together in solidarity of various decrees, while other did elsewise, yet similarly established decrees, amongst those who had attended them, to construe an identity, or reassert what was known, of a better life.
##≤_≤ ... something like that.
###The true test of the sturdy, though, I'd assert, would be the ones who were out here (or there) regardless of wanting or cares; for the fact that we'd been going out to sea, so to speak. I know of some places where people regularly choose to gather, in familiarity, and of community, for example. Much like a Chinese street market. Likewise, the urban areas of the civic center of DTLA (downtown Los Angeles), as well as some of the other locales, such as the beach of Los Angeles, otherwise known as Venice, Westlake and MacArthur Park, for their street fares and vendors, as well as down south, out on Broadway, where more street vendors and pedestrian culture assemble, in collective agreement to establish community, of a face-to-face basis and livelihood, of their own bootstrapping economy.
##What's the point?
###It (the cultural phenomena: that occurs) is organic, vulnerable, and sometimes volatile, in nature, of the coming and going of tides and establishments of people, yet over the vast course of the expanse of time,the regulars and locals will be seen to outperform the uncommon, for the fact that their loose and dynamic community sensibilities have need driving their commonplace establishment of showing up, and doing what's well known, and expected of them, for the sake of that it's familiar, and largely been well understood, in the reality of days that come to pass, over years, of what would work, for that these things are natural of human endeavor.
###The point? Well, on one hand, I realize that this is largely a software development platform, as for what I know it and have had it out to be, yet within the scope of what portends to be a web site, of a non-profit and informal establishment - it precedes characterization, for the fact that some of us affected by this organization's purpose are hand-chosen, for inspection and reform.
It builds upon what's casually known (over time, I'll know moreso) of a slim context of inclusions of what constitutes Scientology, for many people, of the vast reaches it has, in affecting people of all social classes, for example; and of the compelling impetus behind it, such that the documentation provided by Scientology does assert, of itself, that it is, in fact the dominant and most prevalent religious belief, and establishment, worldwide.
That being said, I was, as I'd believe, of things that transpired in life, acutely wrought in, under a belief of what Scientology had told of itself, as for me, and I couldn't much bring myself to deny that which had been in my mind, so much that I'd had, of consequence, and failures upon it, to attend to, for not tending to the demands in my head.
##Fairly enough, it's proposed, in mental health, of that the words of our higher power, of what Scientology had, of prominence, in placement, in town, of place, as in buildings, as well as in scope, of in that it breaches autonomy.
It makes assertions of self, that we are, of our baser selves, and, to have been otjin the establishments of their places, in town locally - the literature is vast: easily 50-60 volumes, of a big book; bit and heavy, each of them. An entire book case.
I suppose that's what I'd have done best, in acquiring, of a basis, as I free-flow composed of this page, not sure of what it became of it's underpinnings, to begin with, yet significant enough, for the taking and execution of what had transpired, for what I could make out of it, personally, from experience.
###If it's not that all that familiar to you, I'd suppose that no one could really so simply know everything, off hand, of the timely documentation thing; yet that reminds me... 🤔 well, it was somewhat of that it was much such that a man's voice had attended the assertion of what could aught have been up for memory's sake, of the moment, constant, of consequence, or of « some » alternate, otherwise, ... whatever ... thing... It could have been a "thing," or it could have seemed like something, yet, if it was not timely,
Well, it's not that it wasn't. It was, and it happened, and I'm writing it.
The reader is not possibly all people who experience things, at the same time that I do, yet it was important enough to establish, from one person, to me - as it seemed, for myself.
That being said - it was an appreciable experience to have some recognizance and recall of what was originally topic for establishment here - in this case, timely documentation. It could be annotation, it could be description, it could be a photo, or video reel.
How it was received, and the selves that attended it, were what became that, of issue, for the ones, of themselves, as well, as perhaps, that others were observing [of that] they might simply claim to have heard the same things, or not. [Yet, if not], could be a bit awkward, or frightening, to have such an internalized self, of the remote-sensing establishment, and a complete psychopath of abnormal identities; various in sort - of the person aside from yourself, and perhaps in modes of desperation, or of failures long-well established, of some form of success, of what we'd perhaps not quite relate to them of, of a particular moment, perhaps.
It does feel that way, sometimes, yet by the time that all things needing have been established are spoken, I find that, typically, a dire attending danger is thwarted, of what the Bible does teach us, of what Christian virtue is, of our earlier years, as basis, in understanding.

Timely enough in having done so, already.

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Now this one,

I can leave as a stub.

The notions of karma are simple, in theory, yet intelligent design, in attending to karma, is significant, in game theory, for example, of a many-times over establishment of what superiority assumes, of the disciplines which construe virtuous actions, attending to timeliness, of a courteous sort, in documentation of the information that would be appreciably annotated, most preferably, truthful, timely, ... when things are moving fast, per se... and community is established out of quickness in familiar forms, we appreciate the times.
On the other hand, being a drug addict is common, and base; yet, as such, sometimes disregard, for that notion could establish itself, simply for the time being, for that it's acknowledged.
Yet, so much of life, in my experience, supposes anomaly from up out of substance abuse that, for a truly well-vetted one, they'd perhaps, as well, learned better, chosen more prudently, rather than presently, such to suppose of someone who lies, for example (of an untruthful lie); for psych fans, that was my Freudian slip. [I stay awake, commonly, at night, and neglect my medication regime.

« scrum bwitsies |dot| us » the Wiki landing page.

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