Friday, June 26, 2020

By contrast, [to DTLA], Century City is now featuring retail boutique and department stores.

Some scrum bwitsies assorted inlay rock decorations.

Century City Plaza, a (typically) cultural mecca of fashion in Greater Los Angeles, is my final stop on a day of much glass gathering and two trash bags full of scrum litter that I picked up, over by USC, and last night, here in the surrounding locales, in to Westwood. 

I found some nice clothes and some toiletries. I'm staying optimistic about my living circumstances, although I've also been shown some portrayals of possible and believable backdrop to the story; of a darker nature, in that I see it as discrimination and human trafficking going on, within the context of some of the staff of the (supposedly) paid-basis professionals put in charge of my mental health case and housing basis.

That being said, Century City Plaza, (just for today), [perhaps] was swanky enough to need to throw me out; with some yada yada yada miscommunication stuff, that had transpired, between one security detail officer, and another one. The last one told me that I'd be arrested if I come back. 

I was like, "wull, uh, [sigh] pff, even if?

Then, he was like, "not today." 

That's alright with me. I just wanted to check out Container Outlet and the Microsoft Store. 

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